We provide a focused range of services tailored to meet commercial and private security needs 

Security Officers
Asset protection and maintenance of business integrity is critical to any organisation. Protection of company assets including personnel and intellectual property is an ever-changing and dynamic challenge. We provide registered security officers to protect the Integrity stout clients companies. 

Security Concierge
For clients who wish to outsource the management of front desk operations we provide personnel who are trained to meet a more customer-facing requirement. Our security concierge personnel are handpicked from our own guard force learn and provided with additional training in interpersonal communications and personal presentation. Our staff are equipped to provide effective customer service. Including interpersonal communication conflict resolution and the key skills to provide a pleasant service experience from day one. 

Event Security
High-profile events like corporate meetings and entertainment are at risk from a number of threats. These could come from criminals terrorists activists or even competitors managing visitors crowds the security of venues and creating supporting emergency plans is critical to the smooth running and success of each event. 

Link8 staff are highly experienced In event security management; ensuring that your event is safe secure and successful. Our staff work closely with clients to ensure security Is built Into the overall event plan long before anyone steps Into the venue. in this way Link8 ensures that the necessary counter measures are operationally ready.

For corporate events. we conduct guest screening to ensure that corporate saboteurs. and any other unwelcome visitors are unable to gain access to your closed-door event.