Our services address the following:
Due Diligence
Pre-Employment Screening
Computer Forensic Investigations
Physical / Electronic Surveillance

Due Diligence

Where a client is seeking to begin a joint business venture

  • Criminal Associations
  • Conflict Of Interests
  • Financial Status 
  • Business Reliability And Continuity 

These discreet services can be conducted for individuals or companies. The scope of detailed reports or surveys will include reports that cover; a network of individuals associated with the company

Pre-Employment Screening

Link-8 Security provides a pre-employment service to address concerns regarding the credentials of prospective and existing employees. We can verify:

  • Address Confirmation 
  • Credit Status Reports 
  • Disclosure and Criminal Record Checks
  • Employment History
  • Media Checks
  • Qualification Confirmation
  • Reference Confirmation
  • Background Checks 
  • Lifestyle Vetting
  • Integrity Testing 

Background checks are undertaken discreetly and confidentially without the subject€™s knowledge.

Computer Forensic Investigations 

Link-8 Security is capable of providing the recovery

  • Laptops and PC
  • Mobile Phones

Our team is capable of retrieving and investigating systems

and electronic devices critical for use in court preceding or settlement negotiations.

Physical / Electronic Surveillance

Link-8 Security is capable of providing the tracking and recovery of assets. Information collection and analysis are discreet and designed to protect individual and company intellectual and personal property rights

  • Electronic and Physical  Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures   
  • Vehicle and Asset Tracking  
  • Infrastructure and Asset Protection (electronic and physical)
  • People